Pu Shan Award


Pu Shan Award was launched by the Chinese Society of World Economics for Distinguished Paper on World Economy (the Pu Shan Award) in 2008. Ms. Chen Xiuying, wife of Professor Pu Shan donated RMB 100,000 as the start-up fund.

In remembrance of the esteemed economist Dr. Pu Shan, and to promote the research and development of international finance and new finance, the Shanghai Finance Institute founded the Shanghai Pu Shan New Finance Development Foundation (Pu Shan Foundation) in July, 2016.

The foundation upholds the noble qualities Dr. Pu Shan embodied, promotes innovation of finance theory and research on new finance, and supports the development of the Shanghai international financial center. Its main functions include rewarding economists who have made outstanding contributions to the research of international finance, and funding research and exchange in new finance.

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